About Dr. Shanthi Franklin

Dr. Shanthi Franklin

Expertise – Treating Infertility / Stress Management/ Reversing Diabetic /Weight loss/ Arthritis/ Cancer (Primary Stages) / Gynecological disorders / Psoriasis, with scientifically proven ayurvedic treatment.

Qualification – BAMS (Kerala University)

Experience – 13 yrs


Dr. Shanthi Franklin, who has made wholeheartedly contribution to the Welfare of many people through Ayurveda is one among the million people who were inspired by her father and immense support from her family especially her husband Mr. Sabarinath for making her dream come true. Dr. Shanthi Franklin, Daughter. Of Dr Varghese Franklin who served as a DMO (District Medical Officer) with Govt.of Kerala. For more than 3 decades.

Retiring from the government service Dr. Franklin continued serving the people at different parts of India and middle east. Dr. Franklin was the man behind propagating Ayurveda to European countries and making them aware of the potency of Ayurvedic treatment for different ailments. Soon he learned the scope of Ayurveda in medical tourism and he transformed his vision into reality, By setting up first ayurvedic resort Gods Own country in the year 1992.

By practicing science and evidence based scientific treatment with using minimum medicine with proper diet and regiments can reverse almost all disease

Presently Dr. Shanthi Franklin is an ayurvedic Chief Physician cum Managing Director at Shinshiva ayurvedic Healthcare pvt.ltd.

Dr. Shanthi 

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